For those looking for Personalised Feedback, Coaching, and Support

Tailored for those who seek a deeper level of personal accountability, intimate connection, strategic fitness planning, and an ignited drive towards their health goals.

This special program is an expansion of the Workin' With Stef Online Studio Membership, which offers three new live broadcast classes every week, along with a rich library brimming with on-demand workouts and programs to fit any schedule or fitness level.

But for those who crave more—the Stef Wild Fitness Mentorship Program elevates the experience with:

Yoga Exploration: We initiate our journey with a mindful yoga session. This practice isn't just about physical postures; it's a deep dive into self-awareness. By tapping into your body's signals, you will gain insights into your current strengths and identify areas you wish to enhance or transform.

Journaling Prompts to Create Your Personal Plan: Following our yoga session, you'll be guided through a personal journaling session. Using specially curated prompts, you will draft a tangible plan, giving shape to your fitness goals and strategies to achieve them. This written roadmap will serve as a daily guide and reminder throughout the month.

Intention-Setting Meditation: Harnessing the clarity derived from our yoga exploration, you'll be guided through a meditative practice to crystallize your intentions for the month. This powerful session will set the foundation for a month filled with purpose and direction.

Interactive Q&A Session: We'll conclude the workshop with an interactive meet and greet and questions time! You'll have the opportunity to receive personalised feedback, expert advice, and answers to your burning questions so you can begin your month with confidence and clarity.

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What are people saying
What are people saying

"I just love Stef's workouts! Since doing them I'm getting less lower back pain and feeling so much better! I have lost 6kgs since I started!! Thank you Stef!"

Tracey M

Workin' With Stef Challenge Participant

More than just a catalog of home workouts

I've been empowering women in their 30's and beyond to move beautifully and live confidently in their bodies for optimal health and longevity for over 10 years. 

It's my passion to create online workouts that are efficient, effective, creative, NEVER BORING, and get you the results you desire and deserve!

It's all about the results!

When you put in the work, you want to see and feel the difference. Everything I teach here is a culmination of knowledge, skills, and experience, from working as a coach and trainer in the health and fitness industry for over a decade. 

Unlike other online fitness trainers and classes out there (and there are MANY), my program delivers variety and creativity. You'll experience workouts set to fun music that often fuse training styles together! Pilates and Yoga - yep I fuse it. Dance and kettlebell - why not?! Barre and HIIT - it's the best ;) 

If you're looking for a trainer who never has a hair out of place or doesn't know the meaning of the word humble, you won't find them here! What I promise to deliver is an enjoyable and positive experience, a consistently high standard of coaching, and the ability to always have you completing a workout feeling more accomplished than when you rolled out your exercise mat. 

This studio may be online, but I never want you to feel alone on your journey to a fitter, healthier you. With your membership you'll have access to:


Take part in and follow along with the fresh weekly schedule of new workouts!

Each week I teach three new classes that you can take via live broadcast in my Facebook group, or via catch-up in your membership portal on

Following along with the weekly schedule is the best way to stay accountable to showing up and doing the workouts, and in the Facebook group, you have direct access to me to ask questions and remain connected.

Monthly Challenges

Each month I run a fun challenge to keep you motivated and keep your body challenged - no plateaus here! This coming month of October, it's the STEP UP 31 CHALLENGE!  Remember, this challenge starts this Sunday the 1st of October, so sign up for your Free Trial now to not miss out!!!


Take one of my curated courses to suit your needs! 

If you're a beginner or returning to training after a break, I recommend my FIRM FOUNDATIONS COURSE.

If you're a beginner/intermediate at Vinyasa Yoga and want to take your practice to new heights, I recommend my ELEVATE YOUR PRACTICE 21-DAY YOGA STRENGTH COURSE.

Should you wish to pursue the incredible benefits of an effective Pilates practice, I recommend my ALIGN AND DEFINE 14-DAY PILATES CHALLENGE.

These are just a few suggestions from the many categories and courses included in your membership!

Enjoy training with me from anywhere!

​​Access the Workin' With Stef Online Studio from all your devices, including your laptop, phone, and easily cast to your TV.

Available for TV platforms and apps
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